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Our Plans

At the heart of our mission is the spirit of community collaboration. Each Plan is thoughtfully tailored to provide varying levels of resources.

Technology Plans

Your chosen technology plan grants you access to our cutting-edge platform and suite of technologies. Opt for the plan that aligns perfectly with your specific needs.

Selling Fees

Depending on the method of sale, you will encounter booking engine fees, marketplace charges, payment processing costs, currency conversion fees, payout charges, and relevant taxes. The exact amount varies based on the specific booking engine or marketplace facilitating the sale.

Property Management Fees

The property management fee is determined by the plan you've selected for your Rental Property Management. If you're not utilizing R52 Rental Property Management Service, this fee does not apply to you.

Other Fees

Some sellers may have supplementary expenses, such as affiliate marketing fees, or may opt for additional programs like pricing analysis strategies or specialized account services

Let's Dive Into The Numbers

The cost structure for utilizing the R52 Platform and leveraging its selling capabilities is influenced by factors such as your chosen technology plan, selling fees, management strategy, and other variables. Our options are designed to be adaptable, ensuring you can craft a combination that aligns perfectly with your unique goals and aspirations.

Starter Plan 

$29.99 monthly


per month, early bird sale

+ additional selling fees *

  • 1 Provider Account

  • Portal Access

  • Listing / Publishing Pages

  • Payment Links & Resources

  • Booking Resources

  • Scheduling Resources

  • Calendar Sync Resources

  • Product / Service Resources

  • Property Management Resources

  • Event & Meet Up Resources

  • Itinerary Resources

  • Vendor Resources

  • Website Builder & Editor

  • Payment Widgets 

  • Customer Enquiry Management

  • Email Resources

  • Smart Task Resources

  • Reports & Analytics

  • Guest Management Resources

  • Sell Extras & Add-Ons

  • Coupon Resources

  • Pricing Resources

  • Departure / Time Management

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Back Office Resources 

  • Staff Accounts

  • Surveys & Check Question Resources

  • Additonal Fee Resources

  • Tags & Point of Interest Resources

  • and more...

Premium Bundle

$99.99 monthly


per month, early bird sale

+ additional selling fees *

  • Everything in the Starter Plan

  • Rewards & Recognition Programs

  • Website Hosting (your web address)

Elite Bundle 

$149.99 monthly


per month, early bird sale

+ additional selling fees *

  • Everything in the Starter Plan

  • Everything in the Premium Bundle

  • Entrepreneur Reseller Programs

  • Customer Testimonials Programs

  • Offer Subscription Products

  • Offer Custom Payment Plans

  • An Additional Provider Account 

Enterprise Plan

Custom Quoted

Contact us to learn more...

Technology Plans

Accommodation Providers

List on R52 World Marketplace 

As a Provider, you can list unlimited listings and online offerings on R52.World for FREE with zero monthly subscription fees. You also get access to use R52's booking engines and R52 booking widgets. We apply commission fees for the income you earn with R52.

No Upfront Costs

When a customer successfully completes a booking on R52's marketplace, or utilizes R52 booking engines, or employs R52 Booking Widgets, R52 applies a 12.5% Marketplace Technology Commission per transaction.

Marketplace Technology Commission


R52's booking engines empower customers to seamlessly check availability, handpick dates, select services, and confirm reservations in real-time. Our advanced booking widgets encompass a range of payment resources including direct links, modals, embedded pages, buttons, text links, wesbites powered by. R52 and more... These resources are expertly integrated, offering a seamless booking experience powered by R52.

Plus payment processing, currency conversion, and payout fees, and applicable taxes.

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